Show Outlines

Stage Concerts

This is Paul at his best! Whether or not he is working on a small riser or a ballroom floor, Paul‘s versatility and adaptability will be perfect for your venue. Generally, this type of show lasts over an hour and includes all aspects of the mind‘s potential, including telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. The show is highlighted with humour and plenty of audience participation. Although Paul‘s show is funny, it is “squeaky clean” and suitable for any audience. Paul‘s versatility also extends to the length of his show. While in most cases an hour long performance is ideal, Paul can increase or decrease the amount of time necessary for your specific needs. See for yourself why his show is the best of its kind!

Trade Shows

If you want your booth to stand out at a trade show, than you can‘t afford to do without Paul Pacific! Paul will utilize your company‘s product or service in his mind-reading experiments to customize his performance to your specific needs. Imagine an extraordinary experience that your potential clients will NEVER forget because your company will be locked in their mind for DAYS afterwards. This unique experience will leave your competitors wishing that they had hired Paul first!!

Intimate Mind-reading

This type of show is ideal for events such as: cocktail parties, hospitality suites, or dinners where there is no central stage. Paul will astonish your group with the same intensity as the stage concert, only in a more intimate and personal manner, such as from table to table, or from small group to group. Imagine each one of your guests expressing their enjoyment at experiencing telepathy first hand, up close and personal.

Publicity Stunts

Anything that has to do with the mind can be turned into a major news gathering event. Do you want some free publicity? Hire Paul to drive blindfolded through the streets of your city for example. Have him find a hidden object somewhere in your business, or even in your city. Have Paul customize the publicity event to fit your needs. He once predicted the headlines of The Globe and Mail newspaper weeks in advance for Taboo Resort. He has also opened a new mall by finding the “shopping centre‘s key” hidden somewhere in the building. Use your imagination to come up with some fantastic stunt, or contact Paul to have him suggest a few ideas to draw attention to your business.

Additional Notes

Due to Paul‘s versatility, obviously, the sky‘s the limit!! He can combine ideas listed above or even create new ones based on your requests. Why not contact Paul and see for yourself how he can customize his performance for your needs. Challenge him!! To date, Paul has never failed to exceed the requirements of any venue presented to him. Due to Paul‘s confidence, knowing that your audience will be delighted with his performance, he is able to offer a money back guarantee. How many other acts will offer that? Please contact Paul for any further questions and to discuss fees.