Some of Paul's clients and what they've said about him:

Aim Personnel Services Inc

The standing ovation was well deserved! Paul was unbelievable! It's not often we see talent of your calibre. You made a believer out of me.
—Catherine O'Rourke

Xerox Canada inc.

[Paul] surpassed our expectations of entertaining us, and did so with charm, humor and extraordinary showmanship. I actually had my staff call me at home to thank me for the wonderful time they all had—a real first, as I have been planning the entertainment at our events for the last seven years.
—Don W. Murray


Paul Pacific performed at Taboo Resort once a week for 9 weeks during the summer of 2003. His show was always entertaining and extremely impressive. The skills he demonstrated left our crowds amazed....Paul Pacific was a very professional entertainer. He was always prompt and flexible with any changes concerning the venue of his performance. He was very enthusiastic and has few limitations on his performance. It was a pleasure dealing with Paul Pacific. —Blair Snyder, Leisure Program Coordinator


Your show was nothing short of amazing. As when any large group gets together, it is usually very difficult to find a performance that would appeal to the masses. Your performance was the first I have known that was truly enjoyed by all. Not only did [you] provide an entertainment factor but you also involved the audience throughout the entire show. There were elements of amazement and laughter and you kept the audience thinking well after the show ended. I am still today receiving calls from individuals complimenting your show. As we have gatherings on a yearly basis, you will be highly considered for future performances. We will also recommend your show for other Scotiabank events, as there are many throughout the year. Thank you for the enjoyable evening and we look forward to seeing you in the future. —Michael Medland, Vice President

Warner Music Canada

I am writing to thank you for providing truly outstanding entertainment at our Handleman Vendor Fair booth [...] I have attended this event every year for the past 4 years and have had the task of providing entertainment at our booth. In the past, I have arranged for various novelty games to entertain the 150 convention attendees.

I can honestly tell you that your performance was the most entertaining and talked about event of the past 4 years! Your ability to combine our releases within your performance made the event even more personal and helped to keep our releases top of mind with our distributors.

Once again, Thank You and I will definitely be looking for future opportunities to have you perform for our customers and staff. —Pat Reid, Director of Strategic and Specialty Sales

Ultramatic Sleep of Canada Inc.

As we probably mentioned, we host a pool party and dinner at our home every August. We always try to arrange some form of entertainment for our guests. I have to tell you that we really hit the jackpot this year when we asked you to take part. [...] We have heard from most of our guests and, to a one, they have declared it our best party ever. We fully realize this was mainly due to your wonderful act. We would certainly call on you again the next time we entertain. Thank you again for a truly mystifying performance! —Ron Patterson

Federal Express Canada Ltd.

Thank you Paul for a terrific performance! The combination of your charisma and unique abilities made your show the most talked about event our company every experienced. We can't wait to have you back next year! —JoAnn Moziel


We're not easily impressed here on Breakfast Television but that was amazing! Thanks Paul. —BTV host Ann Rohmer


Unbelievable! We were all impressed with the way you walked out to centre stage and immediately took control with your unique sense of humor and uncanny skill. We all agree it was the best show of its kind we have ever seen. Highly recommended!! —William Moody

Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Your show was always well received and would come highly recommended! —Eileen McNamara

Syntex Inc.

The show was fabulous and Paul was a pleasure to deal with both off and on the stage. He managed to hold a room full of arms-folded skeptics in the palm of his hand from the moment he walked on to his final mind-blowing demonstration! —Dana Bolton

Intel Technologies Inc

Your show was simply amazing! Your high energy and obvious tremendous knkowledge of thought reading had us amazed and entertained. Somehow you seemed to read our minds like books and I wanted to thank you for making everyone feel like participants rather than just spectators. —Frank A Newton